Raising the Bar for P&G Women


P&G is committed to building a supportive environment and inclusive culture so everyone at P&G can reach their full potential. We hire talented women and men equally at entry level. Women represent almost half of our management roles and about one-third of our senior leadership. But we know we can do better — our talent pipeline is as important as our innovation pipeline. We are committed to achieving gender balance at all levels of the Company while continuing to make sustained progress across our diverse organization.

  • Staff to Win (S2W) is our renewed talent strategy, designed to help us build a pipeline of outstanding, diverse talent that delivers outstanding business results. Importantly, we have 2020 Goals, similar to sales goals, to accelerate progress in gender balance at all levels. This includes yearly targets; a talent pipeline with focus on high potential candidates; holistic plans based on retirement outlook, historical attrition and projections; and names/potential promotion timing for our global talent pool. A core outcome is to also ensure women have the same opportunity for the most significant roles in terms of sales as men.
  • The Corporate Women’s Leadership Team, which includes women and men from every region, function and business unit, is focused on driving systemic changes that create an inclusive culture where women can be successful at P&G. 

  • The Women’s Accelerator Program and Athena in ActionTM initiatives target high-potential women across all functions at critical points in their careers to help them develop skills necessary for success in senior-level roles. 

  • Intentionally Inclusive Leadership Training to build proficiency at being inclusive and teach how to identify and overcome bias in order to create an environment where people are secure to contribute as themselves.
  • Lean-In Circles serve as advisors and sounding boards for women.

In partnership with Catalyst, we offer MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) training that helps men understand and fulfill the role they can play to help achieve gender balance inside and outside P&G.


On our 2017 employee survey, overall gender equality was the second highest scoring category at 89% favorable for total company, right behind pride in Company and right ahead of Employer of Choice. On training and support networks, 800 senior leaders completed Intentionally Inclusive Leadership training in year one, P&G is the largest corporate sponsor of Lean In with more than 4,000 women participating today and 100% of Athena in Action participants would recommend the program to a colleague.  Against our 2020 targets, we’ve made excellent progress at our top management levels in year one.


Damon Jones


We aspire to create a better world for everyone—a world free of gender bias with equal representation and an equal voice for women and men. This begins inside our own company—where we’re striving for equal representation for women and men at all levels of our company—and building an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute to their full potential.

David Taylor
Chairman of the Board, President andChief Executive Officer, P&G
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