QIAGEN Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador Program


QIAGEN, as a world leader in molecular testing with activities in 35 countries around the world, understands that diverse teams create successful behaviors that drive better business results. We have sound representation in our global workforce of 5,000 employees in terms of age, gender and nationality. However, we are striving for more diversity at senior management levels. This involves fostering a culture where diversity is embraced and appreciated for the career opportunities we are creating as well as for the advantages created to achieving sustainable business success. We realized the messages about the importance and benefits of diversity to QIAGEN were not reaching all of our employees.


Determining that catalytic actions were necessary, QIAGEN decided to seek out employees with a passion for diversity, and who could articulate the benefits to colleagues, to become local Diversity Site Ambassadors. We chose employees for this initiative from all levels of QIAGEN, across all of our seven global functions, and at all major sites. We have created a common team spirit to drive our message about the importance of increasing our diversity and empowering a “bottom-up” inclusivity movement.

Roles & Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as local advocates of global initiatives
  • Adapt global initiatives to site-specific needs
  • Host local Townhalls and events
  • Co-host EC Diversity Forum meetings
  • Report on local actions and outcomes
  • Share best practices
  • Monitor local diversity data

After a company-wide review, 21 ambassadors were selected that represent 15 sites.  A Diversity Site Ambassadors training program was held, with clear messaging about the importance of Diversity and Inclusion at QIAGEN to our future business success.

In the first six months, our ambassadors achieved the following:

  • Held Diversity Forums with senior management as lead participants at various locations
  • Created local videos on diversity topics
  • Maximized the reach of Yammer (our internal social media channel with a 100% employee participation rate) to create a Global Diversity logo and hashtag and create internal discussions

Stephany Foster
[email protected]


As a leader in enabling our customers to gain valuable molecular insights from biological samples, we at QIAGEN fully recognize how important diversity has been in achieving this market leadership. We remain convinced that an even more diverse organization will be better positioned to address the needs of patients and, in our case, to achieve our vision of helping our customers to make improvements in life possible. Embracing diversity and inclusion is essential to ensuring that QIAGEN continues to thrive as a global leader.

Thierry Bernard
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