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Putting Employee Health First


LEO Pharma Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Denmark-based LEO Pharma A/S. Like the rest of the world, the company, its customers and its approximately 350 employees’ lives have been disrupted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the organization found itself in mid-March closing its physical U.S. office, shifting to a virtual environment and adjusting to a new way of working in these unprecedented times.


LEO Pharma Inc.’s leadership team swiftly came together and aligned around a leaders’ intent in which the health and safety of employees were prioritized. The company has ensured all layers of the organization are continually informed and feel the company is committed to principles of connection, trust, and empathy. We have also developed and implemented solutions that enhance our capabilities and increase engagement with our customers to better position the organization once the pandemic’s impact has lessened. The company also committed to a philanthropic donation supporting the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.


The organization has dramatically increased its communications and engagement with employees to include visible leadership at town halls and functional meetings, daily and weekly email cadences, and digital engagement strategies. Employees and customers alike increasingly have shared feedback appreciative of the company’s approach amid the ongoing pandemic, following adjustments and implementation of new digital tools and virtual ways of working. In addition, employees took pride in the company’s philanthropic support of New Jersey communities through the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund donation.


Danielle Idone, Sr. Manager, Communications & Engagement


Our mission at LEO Pharma is to help people around the world achieve healthy skin. To best enable our mission, we commit to advance diversity and inclusion with a clear focus, engaged leaders and everyday actions. We must champion and celebrate our differences within our organization to drive innovation for patients and the healthcare communities we serve. LEO Pharma is proud to join others in the commitment to be a workplace where all people can bring their authentic selves to work and thrive to their full potential, as we work together toward diversity and inclusion within our organization, industry and broader community.

Christopher Posner
President and CEO, LEO Pharma Inc.
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