Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Providing Work-Life Flexibility at Chesapeake


At Chesapeake, our success is fueled by the power of our people, and we recognize that providing work­-life flexibility for employees will reduce individual stress and improve collaboration and productivity throughout the organization.


We recognize the importance of parents caring for and bonding with a new child. In August 2018, Chesapeake implemented a paid parental leave policy, where regular, full-time employees, both male and female, receive up to four weeks per year of paid parental leave following the birth of a child or adoption of a child. Combined with our company's disability leave available to a woman giving birth to a child, a new mother may be eligible for up to 12 weeks paid leave.

Another way we show our commitment to employees, their families and a healthy work-life balance is through flexible work weeks. Employees can flex hours in the same work week to be able to attend to personal matters and make up the time in the same week without using paid time off hours. In addition, employees at our corporate  headquarters work nine hours Monday through Thursday,  and four hours on Friday, when our corporate offices close at noon, giving those employees additional flexibility and time off at the end of the week.


We have received positive feedback since the introduction of the flexible work week and expanded parental leave policy. Both male and female employees are taking advantage of this benefit, and we continue to see a more productive and collaborative workforce.

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