Protiviti Leave Concierge Program


When employees take a leave of absence from work, they often struggle with the process leading up to, during and after their leave. This is the case for many of the diverse audiences that make up our employee base, including new mothers and fathers; active military reservists; and individuals taking sabbaticals to pursue their personal passions.  As a result, in 2017, Protiviti introduced a Leave Concierge program, which applies to any employee taking a leave of absence for any reason.


Upon informing the Leave Concierge of their specific need to take a leave of absence, the employee begins to work closely with that individual to address any and all questions.  This ensures a smooth transition through each stage of the leave process. The Leave Concierge, who sits within Protiviti’s HR function, helps each individual taking leave to understand pay and benefits during that leave.  The Leave Concierge also provides assistance on the transitioning of the employee’s workload and connects the employee to key mentors and other resources.


Since implementing the Leave Concierge Program, more than 76% of our employees who took leave reported a positive experience with the leave of absence process.  The Leave Concierge Program has strengthened retention and productivity and reinforced Protiviti’s commitment to helping our people to achieve their full potential in work and in life.


Susan Haseley
[email protected]


Protiviti’s Leave Concierge Program enables our people to transition effectively out of the workforce to address unique personal needs, to stay better connected throughout their absence, and to return successfully into their roles, where they can continue to make a meaningful impact on our clients and our community.

Joe Tarantino
President & CEO, Protiviti
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