Promoting Equality & Allyship


Continue to increase support for gender and LGBTQIA+ equality.


Centene’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Inclusion Group (EIG), cPRIDE, supports an inclusive work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, and all other employees within the spectrum of gender and sexuality, as well as their allies. By enabling all employees of Centene to bring their authentic selves to work, we aim to enhance employee engagement and retain top talent across the enterprise. cPRIDE leveraged multiple opportunities for intersectional allyship, such as successful networking events with MOSAIC, our multicultural network, and CENVET, our veterans and military family's network.  Centene’s DEI Office collaborates closely with cPRIDE, and all 5 EIGs, to create resource guides and open access eLearning’s to support continued learning and development along different dimensions of diversity, curate training playlists, support all history and heritage month events and additional programming throughout the year specific to each EIG.


Centene was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation after earning a 100 percent on their Corporate Equality Index (CEI). To support an employee through a gender transition and to foster an inclusive work environment for non-binary gender expressions, the Workplace Gender Identity and Transition Guide (WGITG) was created in partnership with cPRIDE. cPRIDE partnered with I. N .S .P .I .R .E . to honor both Women’s History Month and International Transgender Day of Visibility. This led to the launch of a new event series, the Trans* Conversation Club, which focuses on addressing gender identity and expression, allowing us to begin conversations with broader implications, such as an in-progress initiative to address gender-inclusive language for member-facing communications.

At Centene, diversity, equity, and inclusion are an intrinsic part of who we are. Taking part in this pledge shows our commitment to embracing and respecting the range of experiences and viewpoints that our employees bring to work every day. Our diverse and inclusive workforce is a vital part of how we serve our members and communities to shape a better world of healthcare and deliver on our purpose of transforming the health of the community, one person at a time.

Sarah London
Chief Executive Officer, Centene
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