Promoting Employee Resource Groups & Diversity Champions


Our diversity and inclusion philosophy states that, both personally and professionally, we will achieve our goals when we capitalize on our differing cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The challenge lies in finding ways to bring that to life within the organization – at every level and in all of our work. The formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Diversity Champions lay the groundwork for the diversity and inclusion strategy directly through employees.


To foster increased employee engagement, the development of future leaders, and expand marketplace reach, we identified four goals:

  • To ensure that everyone in our workforce feels connected to the organization by encouraging interaction and relationship building across the workforce.
  • To connect our diversity and inclusion efforts to the strategic business goals of the organization and supporting diversity in the marketplace.
  • To provide professional development for Diversity Champions and members of ERGs, in an effort to provide advancement opportunities in the workplace.
  • To highlight and share cultural experiences and celebrations represented by our workforce.

As we expand our commitment to diversity and inclusion at AMN Healthcare, we support team members who want to initiate ERGs, or a network of team members who share a common identity, characteristic, or set of interests. ERGs are key to supporting our diversity philosophy and serve as advocates for promoting inclusion in the workplace and influencers of corporate growth. All ERGs also have an Executive Sponsor who reinforces our commitment to inclusion at all levels and serves as a champion for the group.  This ensures we have both leadership and grassroots support for our diversity and inclusion efforts.

We also implemented the role of the Diversity Champion – a department representative who is passionate and committed to diversity and inclusion, and willing to stay up to date on diversity best practices.  Diversity Champions encourage participation in diversity events, educate and inform other employees, and help foster community ideals that celebrate and encourage diversity. These employees take an active role in creating and promoting the community to which all team members feel they belong. 


Maisam Ileiwi


The success of a company is dependent on the quality and commitment of its workforce. Capitalizing on differing backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives will help any company achieve its goals. To build the very best team possible, diversity and inclusion are absolutely necessary. AMN Healthcare supports its Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Champions to retain the workers we have and to enhance inclusivity in talent acquisition. These efforts are vital to our culture and to our primary corporate value of respect.

Susan Salka
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director
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