Promoting and Recognizing Women’s Leadership in the Roofing Industry


The roofing industry from manufacturing to distribution and contracting, is populated predominantly by males. For that reason, historically, women have been excluded or disinterested in a dynamic and fulfilling roofing industry career. Roofing businesses would benefit from the talent and skills women would bring as newly recruited workers and they could see more success by promoting their current female staff into leadership roles.


Recognizing the gender gap, Beacon became a founding member of National Women in Roofing (NWIR) in 2016 and remains active at the highest level of the NWIR where the company promoted educational, financial, and programming changes to attract, retain, and promote women in the industry. Seeing the gap in recognition programs for women in roofing, Beacon launched the North American Female Roofing Professional of the Year contest in 2021 to shine a spotlight on women in the roofing industry across the U.S. and Canada. Beacon is helping to demonstrate how essential women are to the roofing industry and to attract more females to lucrative careers where they can reach their full potential.


Beacon is proud that today National Women in Roofing counts 1,400 members and continues to grow and thrive. The organization promotes Diversity & Inclusion education, and along with Beacon will provide its own LGTBQ+ 101 training at this year’s NWIR Day. Meanwhile, the inaugural Female Roofing Professional of the year contest received over 1,500 nominations. All in all, the path for females in the industry is being paved and widened and we hope Beacon’s work is aiding in their attraction and retention.


Jennifer Lewis

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