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As the largest private employer in Rhode Island, Lifespan has a wide variety of competitive jobs available. Young adults with disabilities often have difficulties finding good jobs because they don’t have the training and job search skills.


As part of its commitment to inclusivity, Lifespan supports two Project Search groups, an international organization that provides work skills, training and experience to young people with disabilities. The first, located at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, is in its fourth year. The second, at Newport Hospital, is in its second year.


Each graduating class represents individuals with varying disabilities, who have developed skills and experience to seek and maintain gainful employment. Over 70% of the Project Search graduates have subsequently been employed by Lifespan.


David Goldman
[email protected]


The mission of our organization is Delivering health with care, a philosophy that extends beyond medical treatment. It encompasses both the actions we take and the interpersonal interactions we have with our patients, visitors and employees. In living our shared values of compassion, accountability, respect and excellence, we embrace the culture and background of everyone with whom we interact. We appreciate and respect the language, culture, religion and all the characteristics that make us who we are. Inclusion is a fundamental tenet of our culture which translates into more favorable patient outcomes, greater patient satisfaction, and improved employee satisfaction.

Timothy J. Babineau, M.D.
President and CEO of Lifespan
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