Pride ERG Ally Program


Our mission to power prosperity around the world is fueled by our values and supports our belief that every employee should be able to bring their whole self to work. Today, there are 29 states where LGBTQ+ people can be and are denied employment, housing, health care, basic services, and protections. There are 33 states where transgender people are denied these same basic rights. It is estimated that 73% of closeted LGBTQ+ workers are more likely to leave their jobs within three years. In addition to the high turn-over rate for LGBTQ+ workers, there are productivity issues as well as a lack of job innovation which translates to a $9 billion cost.


Our PRIDE Leaders attended the Out and Equal Summit in 2017 and were inspired to launch an internal Ally program to showcase safe spaces in our workplace. When posting an Intuit Pride Ally badge or Out and Proud badge on the internal employee website profile, employees/peers and leaders will be able to see the active promotion of diversity and inclusion directly in our workplaces.

In 2018 the Bronze Level Ally Training Program was introduced which is an online training educating employees on ways they can become an effective Ally to their LGBTQ+ co-workers. Once training is completed, the internal directory profile is updated with a badge demonstrating supportt as a LGBTQ+ Ally.  

In 2019, our Silver Level Ally Training was launched, which walks through additional ways to encourage our employees to role model leadership and safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and across Intuit, while encouraging others to become engaged.

In addition to an online training component and completing the Bronze Level Training, there are six tasks that must be completed to receive the Silver Ally badge. The tasks include paiticipating in six Pride-sponsored events like: Having safe space conversations on site, hosting WCGB LGBTQ+ events, volunteering, helping an LGBTQ+ co-worker/ friend/ family etc. Employees are responsible for creating an employee profile to track their completed tasks. A ribbon is given for completing each of the six required tasks. Once all six ribbons have been earned, the employee's internal directory profile is updated with the Silver Ally badge.

A Gold Ally Training Program is being developed with an expected launch in June 2020. This will be a high-level program with the expectation of 50-100 leaders paiticipating over a 1 to 2-year period. 

In July 2019, Intuit joined over 200 companies in signing the Supreme Court Amicus Brief which prohibits sex discrimination in contexts ranging from their employment to housing, health care and education for LGBTQ workers. 


We currently have 492 badged allies and 35 Out and Proud employees in our Bronze Ally Program and 2 silver badged allies and 4 Out and Proud employees in our Silver Ally Program. We continue to rank highly in Forbes Best Places to Work Survey where we ranked at #33 for 2019. 


Scott Beth

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