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We encourage and enable employees and leaders to build a more diverse and inclusive culture. It’s important to our future growth that we’re building a culture where everyone is represented, and that we celebrate the contributions of all employees. 


We launched a campaign titled PPG Together, which focuses on our employees. This campaign aligns with our brand and is meant to showcase PPG’s workforce, and encourage more dialogue about diversity and inclusion.

This campaign kicked off with a new video, please click here, along with a series of posters (see attached PDF) that tell our story and highlight PPG employees from around the world who work together to protect and beautify the world. In both the video and posters, it’s important to note that all images include PPG employees. The campaign celebrates our employees’ contributions, while recognizing our collective power.  

A series of additional communications tactics have been prepared that keep the key messages top of mind, including a message from our CEO to all employees, translated into 19 languages; a series of articles on our intranet announcing the initiative as well as highlighting the teams from around the world who were featured in the posters; social media content about our workforce that launched with National Manufacturing Day in the U.S. and continued over several months; communications in our global employee magazine; and a call for selfie videos from employees about how their work contributes to PPG protecting and beautifying the world. A series of internal articles and social media posts will be generated from the videos.


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