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PowerUp FUEL Onboarding Experience


The company had an inconsistent and sporadic approach to welcoming and preparing new employees to be successfully integrated into the culture and their role at DTE Energy.


The old onboarding approach was replaced by a consistent and strategic process which enables new hires to feel included and have the knowledge, tools, and relationships to contribute through their work. The new process, “PowerUp,” is a six-month holistic onboarding experience designed to welcome and engage new employees and connect them to DTE Energy’s purpose, values and aspiration.

One event within “PowerUp” is FUEL, a quarterly event dedicated to inspiring a deeper connection to DTE Energy and its values. This high-energy event, led by senior leaders, serves as a compass to drive decision-making and consistent behaviors within the organization, promoting inclusive actions through storytelling and interactive exercises. One exercise in particular incorporates the principles of diversity and inclusion, allowing new employees to work with each other to build a large-scale puzzle that reveals DTE Energy’s value – “We play to win as a team” – and includes each participant’s name and self-identified strength.


New employees now consistently have pride, clear expectations, shared beliefs and behaviors and a real sense of belonging at DTE Energy. A quote from an attendee:

“I enjoyed seeing senior management in a more personalized and fun-spirited setting. It was nice to see some personality behind the figures making top decisions. It made me incredibly excited for a long career at this company.”


Vanessa Waters: [email protected]


Our onboarding process gives our employees a clear and consistent sense of our culture, including our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The capstone event of the onboarding process – FUEL – is designed to cement their understanding of and connection to our company’s purpose, aspiration, and values.

Gerry Anderson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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