PM Pride Education and Enrichment series


Although we have a thriving PM Pride staff resource group, the group feels there’s still more work to do to foster a more inclusive environment firmwide.


Enter the PM Pride Education and Enrichment series, a quarterly lunch-and-learn held live in a rotating office location and simulcast to other office firmwide. The purpose of the series is to: 

  • Educate the firm on the importance of LGBTQ+ diversity and how it can strengthen our ability to recruit and retain diverse staff and win and retain new business.
  • Educate the firm about the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation, how “allies” fit in, and how to become an ally.
  • Demonstrate why it’s so important that our workplace be a “safe” space.

We just held our inaugural event in September. We were pleased that approximately 115 PMers signed up for the lunch and learn, and feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive. One staff member was so moved by the presenter that she signed up to volunteer at the organization (a local LGBTQ+ Community Center) that same weekend! We’re excited about the potential of this program.


Regan Hall
[email protected]


Creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is difficult work — but it’s worth every bit of time, effort, and expense that we put into it. Why? Because it creates stronger, more innovative firms that are better equipped to provide solutions to clients, attract top talent, and effectively incorporate multiple perspectives into how we make decisions. The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge is an opportunity to leverage best practices within the industry and expand our focus on inclusion and diversity beyond our firm and our profession. I’m looking forward to the conversations and opportunities it may foster.

James Proppe
CEO, Plante Moran
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