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We recognized that the existing approach to putting together leadership and business teams, including inherited hierarchies, can have the unintended consequence of limiting diversity of thought on those teams. Lacking differing points of view can lead to group-think and assumptions.


Our Product Supply Organization created the “Plus One” approach to proactively identify and fill any knowledge or experience gaps on teams. We know that diversity of thought and experience leads to better business decisions and outcomes, but inherited team structures (building leadership teams based on grade level in the organization, for example) don’t always factor in diversity. That can lead to blind spots. Product Supply teams reviewed team makeup to identify any gaps and add a new team member to provide any missing perspective or experience.


In the year-plus since we adopted the Plus One approach, nearly 30 Clorox teams have reevaluated their team makeups and added new people to promote greater diversity of thought. Early feedback shows these new team members are bringing in new insights while also personally growing from the broader exposure to the business. In manufacturing, Plus Ones have helped bring end-to-end visibility to certain processes. Other teams have added a Plus One from outside Product Supply to improve cross-functional collaboration. The current group of Plus Ones has begun assembling best practices to make the program more effective.

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