The PGA of America’s volunteer leadership is demographically homogenous at the Chapter, Section and National levels of the Association.  Historically, there has been a “self-reinforcing vortex of sameness” whereby PGA Members are electing PGA Members from similar backgrounds to serve in volunteer leadership roles. We recognize the need to make our volunteer leadership mirror America.


A two-year leadership development program called PGA LEAD was created to provide a deep bench PGA Members from diverse backgrounds who aspire to ascend thru the volunteer leadership ranks of the Association. Each year, up to fifteen Class A PGA Members are selected to comprise the cohort. Each PGA LEAD cohort meets monthly via video conference with content area experts on a litany of topics including, Section and Board Governance, leadership, public speaking, presentations skills, inclusion and diversity, and more in an effort to mentor and progress these PGA Members into leadership positions. The PGA LEAD Cohorts also meet in person at two Association governance functions each year.


The outcomes of the program have been positive, and the true measure of success is in the numbers. There have been three PGA LEAD cohorts to date, and they have enjoyed tremendous success in seeking volunteer leadership roles in the PGA of America’s governance structure.

  • Three successfully ran for and won the office of Secretary in their PGA Section.
  • Three have obtained PGA Section Board seats.
  • Fifteen have been selected to serve on National Committees.

The fourth PGA LEAD cohort began in January of 2019, as cohort three entered their final year in the program. This pivotal program promotes an inclusive and diverse environment for PGA Members and has proven to optimize their potential for leadership.


Sandy Cross
[email protected]

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