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P&G was at the forefront when we embraced workplace flexibility — flex@work — as a business strategy, enabling employees to flex workday start and finish times, work from home, compress their work week, or work less than full-time. The use of schedule flexibility has increased significantly since then, as has employee satisfaction as measured by our 2016 internal survey.

  • I have sufficient flexibility to effectively manage my work and personal life.       79% favorable (+5)
  • My organization supports the use of flexible work arrangements.                       76% favorable (+5)

Recognizing that work-life integration is the new norm in society, we challenged ourselves to personalize flexibility and integrate it across more employee touchpoints:

  • Build more flexibility into benefits to support employees’ personal needs from the day of hire into retirement—e.g., expanded parental leave; flexible vacation options; investment and savings plans; and physical relocation support.
  • Enable employees to dial up or down career flexibility—schedules, mobility, travel and slow/fast pace—based on life stage needs.
  • Build flexibility discussions into existing employee/manager conversations.

First, we enlisted HR and regional leaders to build plans that advance schedule, benefits and career flexibility locally.

We added flexibility as a key element of manager/employee discussions during performance reviews.

We developed a toolkit for people managers, providing a single well-organized place to:

  • Educate managers on the business case for flexibility and its expansion beyond scheduling to benefits and career stages. (See Appendix > P&G flex@work Overview)
  • Demonstrate successful implementation of flexible work solutions across the three areas.
  • Provide guidance on exploring and implementing personalized flexibility options with their teams.

Internal survey results show that employees who exercise more flexibility are 5x more likely to give their best performance, and 6x more likely to stay with P&G.

Success stories across schedule, benefits and career flexibility demonstrate the business benefits and satisfaction of employees and business leaders—and increased employee pride and loyalty.


Damon Jones


Flex@work is more than a policy or program; it’s a smart business strategy that delivers improved business performance. By offering flexible work solutions across scheduling, benefits and career stages, we enable P&G people to be and give their best. This makes for happier, higher-performing, more energized employees – which leads to winning business results.

David Taylor
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, P&G
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