Pay Equity Program


IBM has a long standing policy towards equal pay for equal work, by providing fair pay based on job responsibilities and performance. With today’s evolving business and technology challenges, IBM wants to ensure we not only keep pace with this commitment but act as a market leader at the forefront of this critical initiative.


Focus on gender and minority pay equity has expanded at IBM, beyond the processes the Company has used as part of its compliance efforts as a Federal contractor. We have adopted an additional, proactive approach that further analyzes our workforce based on relevant peer groups, enhancing our ability to compare like for like in terms of job scope and responsibilities.  This analysis digs deeper and allows for both quantitative and qualitative reviews to help identify areas that may warrant potential action. 

Further, we have recently enhanced our policies for both new hires and promotions, by setting starting salaries that reflect the importance and value of each job to IBM, along with the value of the candidate’s prior experience, education and skills. This approach avoids a focus on current salary or salary history, and reduces the impact of any potential pay inequities that may previously have existed for an individual with prior employers.


This multi-faceted approach has received positive feedback from IBM managers and has strengthened our competitive position in the marketplace, while reinforcing our ongoing commitment to our pay equity principles.


Lindsay-Rae McIntyre: [email protected]

IBM thinks about diversity the way we think about innovation—both are essential to the success of our business. When we innovate, technology becomes smarter for clients and creates new opportunities for growth. When we incorporate diversity into our business, we create better innovations and outcomes. IBM has embraced diversity, and it gives opportunities for IBMers and our clients to achieve their full potential.

Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

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