Partnership with Billie Jean King Enterprises


As a growing firm, we recognized the need to improve our firm’s awareness of issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion.


Our partnership with Billie Jean King Enterprises (BJKE) is an opportunity to learn from a team that dedicates their professional lives to addressing the critical issues surrounding DEI. Our partnership started in 2019, and we are the first firm in the private equity industry to work with Billie Jean and her team.

We completed a firm-wide survey that showed strengths and weaknesses in our culture and understanding of DEI. Using the survey results as a starting point, the BJKE team leads firm-wide workshops to discuss and educate our team on a variety of topics. These discussions are free-flowing and an opportunity for all members of the firm to make their voices heard, as well as gain tools to become effective allies for our teammates. We will share the knowledge we gain with our portfolio companies.

We believe this partnership is an integral part of the development of our firm. It shows every member of our team that we are proactive in our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.   


Based on feedback from our team, our sessions have created heartfelt discussions and led to adjustments and improvements. Team members mention the value they place on this partnership.


Craig Thomas


To reach our potential as a firm we must work to ensure that we are welcoming, supportive and inclusive of diverse populations. Joining the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge is a push towards that goal by acknowledging our responsibility and allowing us the opportunity to share resources and best practices.

Andrew Weinberg
CEO, Brightstar Capital Partners
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