Ongoing Awareness and Education of LCS Employees and Residents


Educating all employees who serve our clients and seniors on various aspects of diversity and inclusion.


Inclusion Education and Training - LCS has made meaningful strides to fulfill and enhance our corporate diversity strategy. The goal is the ongoing awareness and education of LCS employees and residents. 


Throughout the past year, we have facilitated and implemented meaningful measures to introduce diversity and inclusion topics as well as to establish a strong foundation for ongoing individual and team development. Such measures include:

  • Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Council comprised of employees in the LCS home office as well as employees from many of our more than 140 communities across the United States
  • Hosting several education sessions with topics that include Understanding Racial Injustice/Systematic Racism, Unconscious Bias, Brain Health Awareness and LBGTQ+ 101
  • Honoring celebrations including Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Pride Month and Juneteenth
  • Creating a list of books, blogs, articles, videos and courses that cover a range of diversity and inclusion topics that is updated regularly with new and relevant content

As an organization, LCS is proud to be part of the CEO Action for Diversity & inclusion and looks forward to partnering with our employees as they start or continue their diversity and inclusion journey. We realize that everyone comes to LCS with a unique background and various experiences. LCS aspires to be a place where employees can use their experience to be their best selves and do their best work.  At LCS we believe that we are stronger together and that Experience is Everything.


At LCS we are proud of our culture that is built on a foundation of valuing and respecting all people. LCS is excited to partner with CEOs across the country in support of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion. We support our employees’ individual diversity and inclusion journey by providing educational sessions, opportunities for dialogue and employee resource groups. Through our culture of caring, the LCS family will continue to embrace diversity and inclusion and shine our light in the cities where we live and work.

Joel D Nelson
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