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Given the complexities of our social landscape, it was unrealistic to assume our employees – affected  by the social divisions and challenging current events that they face or hear about every day – would  not want to discuss issues of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and respect within the workplace. A formal mechanism was required to provide employees a safe space to have constructive discussions, build our cultural competence, and move forward together as “One Dominion”. ERGs are aligned with Dominion Energy’s core values, goals, strategic plan and business practices.  They provide a business resource to attract and retain a talented, diverse workforce.  Resource Groups also provide employees more opportunities to develop, network, gain cultural awareness, and get involved in the communities we serve. In addition, ERGs are another resource to help educate employees on topics that are aligned with Dominion Energy’s strategic initiatives and important industry specific topics.


Dominion Energy created the Employee Resource Group (ERG) program and encouraged employees to form these groups to improve employee engagement, cultural awareness, and foster inclusivity and belonging.


Since the start of the program in 2014, 6 ERGs have been formed to help us advance our D&I initiatives from good intentions to strategic sustainable actions that promote dignity and respect for all. We have over 2,000 employees who are involved and engaged in community outreach, diversity recruiting, and professional development. Our business units also utilize our ERGs as organizational think-tanks to solve some of our most complex problems and create bigger and better ideas.

Formed ERGs

  • HOLA! – Hispanic/Latino Resource Group                             
  • AARG – African American Resource Group
  • We3 – Women’s Employee Resource Group                       
  • VRG – Veterans Resource Group
  • YP! – Young Professionals Resource Group                          
  • PRIDE – LGBTQIA Resource Group

At Dominion Energy we believe in excellence in everything that we do. That is why the company’s leadership and I are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone. We understand that each of us has a unique value as a member of the team, and that we are all working together for the common benefit of the company and the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on being One Dominion Energy – we appreciate having a strong, sustainable workforce that supports each other and values every member of the team. The CEO Action Pledge aligns perfectly with our core values and we are proud to share our experience of being “One Dominion Energy” with all participating companies.

Thomas F. Farrell, II, CEO

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