Oaktree Pledge


Oaktree is committed to increasing diversity, particularly in our professional ranks, and to ensuring an inclusive workplace that enables all employees to achieve their full potential. We know that diversity of backgrounds (be it gender, ethnicity, experience, or other) contributes to diversity of thought and a deeper understanding of the world and of the countries and companies in which we invest. This in turn leads to better insight, increased creativity, more informed risk-taking and, simply put: better business and investment results for our clients and stakeholders.


In 2017, Oaktree formalized what had been for many years an informal Diversity & Inclusion strategy intended to increase the population of women and underrepresented professionals at the firm, with a particular focus on our investment professional and officer ranks. The strategy has been set by a Diversity & Inclusion Council that includes professionals from across all areas of the firm and consists of, among other things:

  • The implementation of training and other programs to increase awareness of the business case for diversity and the unconscious biases that may preclude us from reaping diversity’s benefits;
  • The support of programs and employment benefits aimed at helping Oaktree both retain and develop Oaktree’s female and underrepresented populations;
  • The establishment of innovative and proactive outreach and recruitment efforts to increase the pipeline for diverse talent in our industry and for Oaktree specifically; and
  • The provision of data and insights to department heads and Oaktree hiring managers to create transparency and accountability to accelerate results.

Diversity & Inclusion Teams

  • Diversity & Inclusion Council
  • Awareness Council
  • Oaktree Pride
  • Underrepresented Groups Council
  • Women’s Leadership Council

Increase Oaktree’s diversity and inclusion in underrepresented groups, with a particular focus on investment professionals and officer-level positions through enhanced and improved recruitment, talent development, education, and awareness.


Kelly Earnest, SVP, Talent and Development
[email protected]


Ensuring Oaktree reflects our diverse client base and provides our employees with an inclusive place to grow are paramount to our success as a firm. We already hold ourselves accountable to each other in advancing this vision; in signing the CEO Action pledge, we strengthen our resolve to pursue an inclusive work environment for all Oaktree employees around the globe.

Jay Wintrob
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