Monthly Communications Focused on Educating and Recognizing Inclusion and Diversity


Increase our multi-generational associate base’s knowledge of important dates and celebrations around inclusion and diversity.


In early 2021, we made a commitment to drive a deeper understanding of the important days and months that recognize diversity and inclusion; and became more intentional in learning about the events that commemorate and/or celebrate issues of great importance to the diverse members of our organization and throughout our communities. We will continue to publish articles each month on our intranet related to the promotion of inclusion and diversity.


The IDLC was careful to choose articles crossing multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion: race, gender, culture, disability, sexual orientation, marginalized populations, age, etc. to increase awareness within our associate population:

• Black History Month
• Women’s History Month
• World Autism Day
• National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
• Cinco de Mayo
• PRIDE Month
• Juneteenth
• ADA Disability Independence Day
• International Day of World’s Indigenous People
• Hispanic Heritage Month
• World Mental Health Day
• National Native American Heritage Month
• Universal Human Rights Month

We’re striving to learn more about these important days and understand “why” we celebrate them along with more traditional holidays. Within the articles, we added links to resources and local events, encouraging associates to participate by attending an event, listening to a podcast or attending a webinar. We highlighted authors, musicians and films as resources. Our goal is to create a new and refreshing learning experience for our entire organization.


Ann Avery

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