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We realized that in the commercial construction industry and within our company, there is a need to promote inclusion, professional development and a sense of belonging among women in a male-dominated industry.


A grassroots women’s employee resource group was established called Moment Connections. Its purpose is to foster connections and build camaraderie among women as they navigate their careers. Its goal is to strengthen relationships and build a strong network of women across the company, while educating and equipping women for success. 

Moment Connection helps provide women support, knowledge and ideas to help them bring their authentic selves to work each day and contribute at the highest level possible.


The group has senior executive sponsorship and has expanded to all offices across the company. Since its inception in 2016, several education sessions, networking opportunities and community service projects have taken place. Positive feedback and engagement across the company has been a hallmark of the initiative, promoting high engagement and a sense of belonging.

Other employee resource groups are in various stages of review.


Pete Burney – VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance

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