Model Minority Myth & The Double-Edged Sword


The Model Minority label assigned to Asian Americans seems innocuous, even flattering, on the surface, but in reality, it spins a myth that has boxed Asian Americans in stereotypes that have led to a complex web of anti-Asian bias and the widespread exclusion of Asian Americans in professional advancement, leadership opportunities, as well as diversity and inclusion efforts. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, political provocation, and scapegoating, the portrayals associated with this myth have also left Asians in America vulnerable to harassment and physical assault.


Ascend Foundation released its latest white paper, Model Minority Myth & The Double-Edged Sword. The paper addresses the popular American narrative of Asian Americans being perceived as the "model minority" and how this stereotype masks the bias that Asian Americans face in the workplace, in schools and in the communities in which they reside.


The Model Minority Myth & The Double-Edged Sword paper raises awareness and understanding of the inaccuracies perpetuated by the myth and further educates by bringing focus to the systemic bias against Asians in corporate culture and society at large that stems from the myth.

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