Microaggressions & Bias


The main issue with “blind spots” is that we often cannot see them, so we do not feel they exist. Our teammates understood that we were obligated to challenge ourselves to identify and acknowledge those blind spots, address ways in which to improve in those areas, and create a go-forward plan of continuous learning and growth. However, we needed an expert to come in and teach us the things we didn’t know.


In our ongoing commitment to continue growing and improving in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, PureCars felt it to be mandatory to train our company managers and above in the area of Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions. We partnered with a reputable company, Artesian Collaborative, to conduct a Manager, Director, VP, and C-level training on Bias and Microaggression, which was not only very successful but transformative in the way we have been discussing DEI items with our employees since.

It was so impactful that we chose to invest in the same training for every single employee at PureCars, knowing the investment and ensuing conversations and approach would be well work the time and money. We have also already budgeted additional Bias and Microaggression trainings for 2021 and are implementing parts of what we have learned so far into our employee onboarding process for all new hires going forward.


This training has given all of us the opportunity to look within, ask ourselves the uncomfortable questions, and open dialogue among all managers of all backgrounds to discuss their experiences. Communication across the organization has improved in all directions and is not only helping facilitate learning and discussion among different backgrounds, but also different teams at PureCars in general. The ways and frequency in which our employees are approaching and engaging one another in positive dialogue seems to be improving significantly.


Jeremy Hay
Director, People Operations


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are not just company initiatives. They are crucial components of a healthy company DNA of “doing the right thing”, building diverse teams of different thought and background, and being positive community and workplace leaders. We all have room to grow and learn. However, with open dialogue, understanding, and respect, there is no challenge or difficult time that we will not be able to conquer together.

Jeremy Anspach
CEO, PureCars
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