Metrics and Accountability


BD had been challenged in measuring the progress towards diversity goals. Due to the implementation of a new HR Information System (HRIS), BD is now able to measure quantitative progress.


BD’s Diversity Steering Committee now publishes quarterly updates on diversity metrics for all areas of the company. The metrics are shared at various Leadership Team Meetings so that our senior leaders are aligned on their current standing as well as suggested steps to achieve our desired targets. BD also encourages everyday business conversations regarding Inclusion & Diversity so that it positively influences our efforts with recruitment, retention and professional development of all associates. BD also qualitatively measures our progress through Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) and other efforts to further Inclusion & Diversity.


Due to the increased transparency of BD’s quantitative and qualitative measures of our diversity goals, it has raised awareness among all associates of our progress towards creating a more inclusive workforce.


Tiffani Scott
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Diversity and inclusion are inherent in BD’s values, most notably “We do what is right” and “We respect, collaborate, challenge and care about each other.” We were eager to join the CEO Action effort so that we could partner with other companies to further diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  At BD, we realize that we succeed by valuing and leveraging the unique abilities, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that every associate brings to our organization. Inclusion and diversity are extremely important to BD and a driver of our future success in understanding patient and customer needs

Vincent Forlenza
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