Metrics and Accountability: Refine and Begin Implementing Working Guide to DE&I


Pack Health is implementing various strategies to help address social injustice and workplace equity. We are a trailblazer in the employee wellbeing and health space. As we grow rapidly, we continue to actively clear a path for these efforts to extend beyond this moment. The Pack Health Working Guide to DE&I includes employee-developed and employee-centered recommendations on how we can continue to navigate the intersection of social justice and employee wellbeing.


The Pack Health DE&I Committee updated and refined a draft Working Guide originally developed by a group of interested employees in the Summer of 2020. The updated document was posted to our #bettertogether Slack channel to solicit company-wide feedback. The Committee received suggestions which were incorporated into the current version. This Working Guide serves as the playbook for tracking DE&I Initiatives.


The Working Guide to DE&I includes four strategic priorities: 1) Organizational Needs Assessment - Qualitative and Quantitative assessment to identify gaps/downfalls in employee knowledge and experience and to identify additional opportunities for management support, goal setting, and staff readiness for training opportunities; 2) Organizational Trainings on Implicit Bias - Leverage results of Organizational Needs Assessment and develop small, diverse groups to allow for more candid, interdisciplinary conversations and training experiences; 3) Internal Methods of Amplifying Voices and Experiences of Historically Stigmatized People - Create opportunities to amplify voices and experiences, with an emphasis on Pack Health employees and peer-led approaches to facilitate dialogue, learning, and growth; 4) Vendor/Client Engagement - Develop and implement a procurement plan to improve supplier diversity by engaging vendors and clients who value and embody our DE&I mission. Per clear direction from Pack Health CEO, Mazi Rasulnia, the DE&I Committee incorporated specific metrics and timelines into each initiative and there are quarterly, company-wide updates in progress.


I am personally committed to ensuring that Pack Health’s DE&I initiatives are action oriented and tracked for progress. Our company culture and mission rely on data and measurements of progress and there is no space for lip service. We are bringing best practices across different sectors and different employees into the company's DNA, to continue to make this a place of a great working environment for everyone.

Mazi Rasulnia
Founder and CEO
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