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Strike the right balance between sharing data and protecting confidential information in order to create a more transparent environment where we tackle diversity, inclusion and belonging challenges together to effect change.


Baker Tilly subscribes to the philosophy “data for good.” No matter what the data show, we use it objectively to guide our actions and prioritize resources. We do not hide less-than-positive numbers nor use them to admonish or embarrass. Instead, we use data for good in order to make a difference. Our data set is comprehensive from several sources, including: demographics, talent management, talent development, employee surveys, business results, research and thought leadership. We are getting better at collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing data and commit to improving this as a discipline. HR conducts an annual compensation audit by gender and ethnicity at various levels of experience, job type, geographic market and performance. HR provides this information to managers and above as a helpful guide to plan promotions, merit increases, and bonuses by gender and ethnicity.


The reporting provided to managers is increasing awareness of potential bias, and challenges our leaders to use a broader lens of gender, age and ethnicity when making compensation and promotion decisions. Through an extensive data review, we confirmed we have pay equity by gender and ethnicity. However, there were some differences for experienced hires potentially carrying forward gender pay discrepancies from previous employers. This finding bolstered our recruiting process with four fundamental improvements: 1) set value for position first, regardless of candidate; 2) remove salary history from applications and interviews to prevent prior employer pay equities from carrying forward; 3) consider salary expectations and market value when weighing offers; and 4) build awareness regarding internal equity practices for recruiters and hiring managers.


Alan D. Whitman


We do not view diversity, inclusion and belonging as a program or something we ‘have to do.’ We genuinely believe that this is who we are. Because this is who we are, we take a holistic approach to embed the philosophy and practices of diversity, inclusion and belonging into all aspects of our business – from strategy to operations. This includes the way we recruit, how we develop and promote team members, how we serve clients, how we run projects, and how we treat each other. Day in, day out. This is not easy to do. It is much easier to roll out a program as ‘evidence’ of our commitment. However, we are not interested in scratching the surface. We want to effect change for the long run – in our firm and in our profession. Team members who have a true sense of belonging is more important than statistics. An open and curious mindset is more important than written policies. We use diversity, inclusion & belonging as a lens to make everything better.

Alan D. Whitman
Chairman and CEO
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