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We received feedback from our female team members regarding the need for professional development and mentoring opportunities to help them achieve their full potential. 


Oshkosh Women's Network (OWN) empowered team members to take leadership roles in the development and implementation of a mentoring program within OWN. The program was launched in 2014. In 2017, members from OWN presented the program as a diversity best practice at the Network and Affinity Leadership Congress. OWN also created a Mentorship Program focusing on pairing emerging female leaders with colleagues to aid in professional development and share learning across the enterprise. This program now includes women and men. 


Annual survey feedback shows that satisfaction with mentoring has increased by over 70%. Following are two quotes that illustrate this satisfaction.

"I personally found the mentoring program to be very good. A lot of thought is put into mentoring matches and there are individual and group opportunities."
"The mentoring has been really great. I really like being connected with someone outside of my business area to ask advice on best practices (I feel more comfortable talking to someone that isn't managing me)."

We will continue to strive to ensure the Oshkosh family represents the diverse communities we serve around the globe. Our People First culture and The Oshkosh Way are the foundation to guiding our commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion and fostering a welcoming environment where our talented team members will thrive.

Wilson Jones, CEO

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