Mental Wellness at Intuit


It is estimated that one in four Americans will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Of those, most will experience a significant episode during their working life. However, only 1 out of 5 feel comfortable telling their manager they are stressed at work and less than half of people diagnosed with a mental health problem had told their manager. The stigma and "hidden difference" surrounding mental health directly impacts employees from seeking help and support which can discourage them to bring their whole self to work.


Intuit strives to ensure employees and their families have access to the support they need through their excellent global benefit programs as well as through grass root initiatives that have evolved at the local level.

Well Minds Program offers benefits from self-serve resilience and mindfulness sessions to 1:1 live coaching and is available to Intuit employees globally.

Mental Wellness Campaigns are organized 2-3 times a year. In May 2019, a "Rate Your Mental State" mailer was sent to Intuit employees globally. The mailer outlined 5 "states" from 1 being "Couldn't Be Better" to 5 being "In Crisis". For each state, Intuit benefits were referenced where the employees could seek assistance or support.

Special Events are held locally throughout the year which include panel discussions, workshops, classes, and local resources. One example is our week long "RUOK" event where there are panel discussion, meditation classes and a variety of activities focused on mental wellness.

Mental Health 101 Training was introduced in May 2019 for both employees and people managers. The Intuit Abilities Network (Intuit employee resource group) partnered with the Benefits team to develop the training to 1) foster an environment where employees feel safe to share and seek support from their managers and 2) to highlight and reinforce the mental health benefits available.

Mental Health First Aiders Program originated in the UK office in January 2018 where approximately 15 employees volunteered to be trained to recognize and provide assistance to employees experiencing mental health issues. In 2019, an expanded version of the program was piloted in the US where employee volunteers went through a series of workshops to learn how to provide hands on assistance.


Some examples of how lntuit's initiatives are helping employees with their mental well-being: 

  • Our Special Needs and Abilities ERG published an annual message about mental well-being during the holidays. There has been overwhelming appreciation for this message about stress and loneliness during the holidays.
  • An employee felt safe and supported enough to share in a company-wide blog his dealings with severe depression and how Intuit benefits helped him.
  • More than 1000 employees have viewed either the employee or people manager Mental Health Training 101 training since their introduction.

Scott Beth

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