McAfee Communities


Create a forum for diverse groups to lead within their communities and feel empowered to bring their authentic self to work every day.


The Communities were formed as employee-led resource groups where employees with similar interests come together and actively engage and gather around a unifying mission of moving the McAfee mission forward. The creation of environments which are inclusive of diverse backgrounds and interests that our employees bring to the workplace is a competitive advantage. Although each is focused towards specific groups, they are open for all employees to join. When we value and respect each other for our unique perspectives, we can create the best solution for our customers, who also have different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

There are currently six McAfee Communities: Women in Security, LGBTQ Community, Veterans Community, African Heritage Community, Bible-based Christian Community and Latino Community.


Welcoming our differences is a foundation of the company and it offers the opportunity for professional development, teamwork, volunteer activities, leadership skills, networking and cultural awareness. Making sure every employee feels comfortable being who they are at work and valued for their contributions is how we succeed with great business ideas influenced by our different backgrounds.

The creation of environments which are inclusive of the diverse backgrounds and interests that our employees bring to the workplace. our commitment to an inclusive culture is a competitive advantage. Just as important, cultivating an inclusive environment provides a “safe place” to build substantive, transparent relationships with both our colleagues and external partners.

1. Communities play an invaluable role in connecting employees with similar interests.

2. Communities serve as a cultural competency engine to fuel better intelligence for the executive team.

3. Communities provide insight into our diverse customers.

4. Communities help build our talent pipeline, advance our brand as an employer of choice and increase representation and inclusiveness.


Bria Field
[email protected]


Action. A simple, diminutive word, bursting with possibility. This is why the CEO Action for I nclusion pledge resonates with me, and why I’m standing side by side with leaders across the world in committing to do more. We all have a responsibility here. We need action from leaders, from business, governments, from us all. Because it’s in each and every action we take, that we create powerful outcomes, together.

Chris Young
CEO, McAfee
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