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'Managing Multicultural Teams’ Training


Today’s business world has become increasingly global, making it essential to communicate and collaborate harmoniously across cultural and geographic boundaries.


For this reason, CNH Industrial offers its employees an innovative online training program called ‘Managing Multicultural Teams’, which provides a framework and the tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of collaborations within increasingly multicultural professional environments.

The program offers 3 courses:

  • Recognizing Differences
  • Managing Differences
  • Sustaining Energy at a Distance.


Since the global launch of this online program, 7,184 employees have signed up and attended the 3 online courses, totaling 7,908 hours of training (data as of 2018). The program has enabled employees to enhance their ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues located in other geographic areas and with different cultural backgrounds, enabling them to:

  • recognize and handle cultural differences
  • understand behavioral expectations in different contexts, including how different cultures handle conflict
  • motivate and build trust in multicultural teams from a distance


Marco Prehn

Diverse and inclusive teams are the backbone of our company’s future success. They make us stronger, push the boundaries of innovation and drive overall performance. By joining CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, we are raising the bar and challenge ourselves to do more and to do better. I’m looking forward to learning from our peers and sharing experiences to advance diversity and inclusion.

Hubertus M. Mühlhäuser, CEO, CNH Industrial.

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