Managing Bias and Promoting Inclusion


To become the global leader in professional foodservice equipment and systems, we spun-off from our parent corporation, established a new executive leadership team, renamed our company and rebranded our strong extensive product line portfolio all within less than 18 months. With this fresh start, we are taking the opportunity to build a new enhanced culture that acknowledges and leverages the diversity of our new global company.


To demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we started at the top with an executive leadership training program on managing bias and promoting inclusion throughout the organization. Our team learned how individual life experiences teach us to make assumptions and can lead to a tendency to make decisions based on a particular perspective. The training helped identify biases, define the impact on our culture and increase inclusion.


To make Welbilt an even better and more inclusive place to work, our executive leadership team will lead similar training sessions throughout our global locations. To build awareness and share the lessons we learned, our internal communications offered employees valuable and practical tips on how to avoid unconscious bias, take the time to consider all options, focus on facts, get to know people personally, look for biases in our structures and systems, and become more inclusive and successful.


Marco Prehn: [email protected]


Becoming a more diverse and inclusive place to work is not only a key priority for me as CEO, but it is critical to the success of Welbilt as a global company. Engaging different points of view and cultural perspectives, will enable us to effectively and efficiently meet the growing demands of our customers today and in the future. The CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM initiative is an important step in our transformational journey

Hubertus Muehlhaeuser
President & CEO, Welbilt, Inc.
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