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In 2016, TMI Consulting, Inc. began developing a groundbreaking digital organizational assessment and reporting tool called Loom The Culture Map™. The development of this tool began out of the realization that we needed a more scalable approach to our analogue assessment process. Given that Loom the Culture Map measures a number of diversity and inclusion metrics (including bias) finding a highly diverse development team, one that mirrored our customer base, became of the utmost importance.


Realizing that TMI's leadership team alone could not meet the needs for building this tool and that we needed to scale quickly, TMI's Founder spun off a second company with a 100% minority, woman +non-binary ownership. TMI has been incubating the start-up in full for over 1.5 years.


Loom now has a beta product that has generated over six figures in sales in the last six months and has doubled TMI's customer base. By incubating the start-up, TMI also has greatly increased our supplier/vendor diversity within the female, African American, and LGBTQ+ communities. This increase has in turn, expanded our minority applicant pipeline.


Laura Bowser: [email protected]

As a CEO of a D&I consulting firm, I have seen first-hand the negative impact diversity and inclusion programs can have on morale when they lack executive buy-in and sponsorship. The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge is exactly what is needed to help change this. Diversity and Inclusion should not just be a small HR initiative that is pushed to the side. It is up to every leader to begin living by example if they want to bring about change. 

Laura S. Bowser, CEO and President

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