Listening and Acting: Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace


Our employees are a critical force in our mission to enhance the quality of the environment, the wellbeing of people, and the resilience of communities. APTIM strives to create a workforce that is as diverse, equitable and inclusive as the communities we serve. To accomplish this, we recognize the need to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of our business. It was imperative to understand the sentiment of our employees about aspects of diversity, and to better understand the experience our minority employees have related to how they are led, developed, and heard so that this can be accomplished.

  1. APTIM engaged a professional DE&I consultant to support creating the company’s first DE&I strategic plan.
  2. APTIM formed a DE&I Council to build this strategy and execute on initiatives to better create a diverse, equitable and inclusive space.
  3. APTIM built a support structure to further advance the DE&I Strategic plan.
  4. APTIM conducted 2 confidential surveys (DE&I Survey and Engagement Survey) to gather feedback about aspects of diversity and other engagement factors.
  5. APTIM drove action planning between managers and teams to impact drivers of engagement and aspects of diversity.

1.  APTIM developed and introduced to the organization a 3-year DE&I Strategy in 2023, including strategies, actions, and timelines, with four focus areas:

    a. Education and Awareness

    b. Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Talent

    c. Creating Inclusive Culture

    d. Partnering with Diverse Suppliers

2. APTIM hired a dedicated DE&I professional to lead the execution of the DE&I strategy, who has worked cross-functionally to embed initiatives, and focused on employee-driven initiatives like our ERG groups (APTIM Inclusion Network). APTIM Inclusion Leads were identified to support training and ERG groups. To strengthen accountability to our strategic plan, the DE&I Council shifted to senior leaders across the business, including our CEO, to approve strategy and actions, shift critical practices, report progress to the board of directors, and serve as champions and change agents. Last, a formalized DE&I policy was created to ensure accountability to our commitment.

3. A training on the topic of psychological safety was delivered to organizational leaders and serves as the foundation of training for managers and employees. A catalog of DE&I “Moments”, which are dialogue-starters, will roll out in November 2023.

4. From the May 2023 survey, APTIM drove action planning at the manager/team level to impact drivers of engagement for teams. More than 21% of managers partnered with employees to choose actions around the items “I feel like I really belong at my company”, or “At our company, diversity is valued”.

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