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LGBTQ+ Support Across the Company


In Tech Data's ongoing efforts to advance diversity and inclusion, we wanted to demonstrate our support of the LGBTQ+ community internally and externally. In particular, it was important to clearly convey our company's open and progressive culture as we work to attract top LGBTQ+ talent. 


The largest Pride celebration south of Atlanta is held annually in St. Petersburg, Florida, which neighbors our global corporate headquarters in Clearwater. As a proud sponsor of St. Pete Pride, Tech Data had the largest corporate presence at the event, with more than 650 employees, family and friends in attendance.

In addition, we were proud to raise the pride flag at our headquarters on the very first day of June (Pride Month), and we received buy-in from the respective leaders of our remote locations across the U.S. to do the sa me in an effort to show their support of this community.


The presence of the pride flag flying in front of our headquarters building initiated positive local attention and was supported by numerous news stories about Tech Data 's presence in the St. Pete Pride event, with the largest contingency of employees, family and friends of any other local corporation.

We also received testimonials from new colleagues who said they joined Tech Data specifically because of seeing our strong presence at the St. Pete Pride parade and news of us proudly flying the flag across our locations. Many of them said they had confidence Tech Data's culture would allow them to be their authentic selves at work, which was a challenge at previous employers.


Cal Jackson

Our participation in the St. Pete Pride event combined with the raising of the pride flag at our office locations across the U.S. symbolizes not only Tech Data's support of the LGBTQ+ community, but also the unity of our organization as a diverse group of people standing together to foster an inclusive environment. 

Richard Hume, CEO, Tech Data Corporation

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