LGBT Equality


 Anti-LGBT+ laws in cities and states across the country. 


At IKEA we have launched an LGBT+ inclusion plan, following a systematic approach all the way from establishing the mind-set for LGBT+ inclusion, to creating an inclusive work environment with a supportive infrastructure and inclusive behaviors.

We have specific training modules on LGBT+ inclusion that enable all our co-workers to become aware of their unconscious biases about sexual orientation and gender identity and how to take actions to minimize them.

Our Code of Conduct and our Equality standards ensure that our workplace is free of discrimination, harassment or hostility. Each year on May 17 we celebrate IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia).


When discriminatory legislation was proposed in North Carolina, we joined 200 other companies and our partners at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to denounce the proposed legislation. We have also achieved 100 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index.


Rafael A. Fantauzzi
[email protected]


At IKEA, one of our core values is caring for people and the planet. As committed agents for positive social change, diversity and inclusion is embedded into our culture. To IKEA, equality is a human right, and we believe all our co-workers should feel valued for their uniqueness. My personal commitment is to make IKEA a workplace leader in the U.S. retail industry and to motivate other CEO Action pledge members to help us transform key issues like gender equality and human rights.

Lars Petersson
President, IKEA US
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