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LGBT Equality at Libbey Glass, Inc


LGBTQ+ Equality


As an organization, we have been dedicated to lean in on all areas of diversity and inclusion. While our associates have never vocalized opportunities with equality and representation, we still wanted to do more. Last year we sponsored the Toledo, Ohio LGBTQ Pride Parade. The parade takes place mere feet from our corporate world headquarters’ office. We sponsored the event to support the organization with funding to be visible with diverse and inclusive messaging throughout the community and to sponsor events before and after the parade.

We partnered with the Libbey’s Engagement Committee (associate-led group with volunteers from within the organization) to engage participation in setting up a booth for the parade, as well as walking/riding in the parade! These active participants helped support the community by purchasing Toledo Pride shirts from Jupmode (supports small business in Toledo), flags to showcase through the parade, candy and drinks to pass out to the community and decorated a small float to encourage our community to join us; because we’re an organization that supports everyone!


We will continue to activate ways to support the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve engaged the same associates that helped with the parade, to help us lead an event in June through the Ohio Diversity Council’s LGBTQ+ Summit in downtown Toledo. We will be working with their planning team to design, organize and implement this event that focuses on the unity of LGBTQ+. This event will be a catalyst for Toledo and will inspire multiple events happening in the Toledo area throughout summer 2020. We believe this will also engage more Libbey associates to become active supporters of LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in the workforce!


Elisha E. Rank, Sr. HR Generalist

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