Leveraging Abilities


L’Oréal has a global corporate social responsibility initiative called Sharing Beauty with All. It includes providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities both directly and indirectly. While we have steadily increased our direct employment numbers year over year, we wanted to do more to offer indirect employment opportunities as well.   


L’Oréal has a strong commitment to people with disabilities internally and externally.  We have done a lot to provide individuals with disabilities employment opportunities and accommodations internally, and feel it is equally important to provide employment opportunities through external partnerships. 

Two of our distribution centers leveraged partnerships to offer employment for people with disabilities in their facilities. The first was our Streetsboro, Ohio distribution center (DC), which has an ongoing relationship with a nonprofit organization called Solutions At Work (SAW).  SAW provides employment, training and support for people with developmental disabilities. Together with L’Oréal USA, SAW was able to place 12 individuals at work in the company’s DC where they label, pack and seal products for shipment to locations around the country.

More recently, L’Oréal USA’s DC in Cranbury, NJ partnered with the Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI) to arrange for employment of 12 individuals with autism.  PCDI, which provides education and support for individuals with autism, has a Life Skills Program for adults offering personal and career development services enabling them to enter the workforce. The PCDI Adult Learners, as they are called, work in the Cranbury location where they sort, bundle and pack products for shipment to retail outlets.

Five of L’Oréal USA’s brands have also provided indirect employment projects to Employment Horizons based in Cedar Knolls, NJ. Employment Horizons, a nonprofit organization, provides job training and placement for people with disabilities and other special needs. By utilizing Employment Horizons’ fulfillment center to handle several assignments, L’Oréal USA has been able to provide indirect employment for 44 individuals over the past year.


Through these programs, L’Oréal USA currently is providing indirect employment opportunities for more than 60 individuals with disabilities and establishing templates for other L’Oréal facilities and brands to follow.


Angela Guy
[email protected]


L’Oreal has a strong commitment to people with disabilities. We value the unique talents and contributions of all individuals, and believe that programs like these are not just good business, but the right thing to do.

Frédéric Rozé
CEO, L’Oréal USA
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