Leading Inclusively at Intuit


We must create a safe, ethical, and inclusive environment for all Intuit employees. Every employee at Intuit is responsible for creating and sustaining our culture. Managers play a critical role in helping Intuit hire, retain, listen to, and develop our diverse top talent. Research finds that inclusion is needed to unlock the benefits of diversity.


In May 2019, the Leading Inclusively training was launched to People and Functional Managers. The in-person, interactive training is led by an Intuit Director or VP that has gone through a 4-day ce1tification program.

The workshop builds on strategies within a 4-part framework to leverage people's unique views. It combines vetted research and personal experiences to deliver actionable insights that are relevant for any team.

  1. Objectivity - Barriers to objective, equitable decision-making, like unconscious bias, are discussed. Focus is on how these barriers can influence important people-related decisions and engage managers in reflection on their current decision-making processes, create awareness of unconscious bias, and arm participants with strategies to manage bias.
  2. Belonging - When people feel like they belong, they perform better, are more motivated, and have a greater sense of well-being. The importance of belonging, identification of specific barriers to cultivating a sense of belonging, and tactical strategies to foster belonging are shared and discussed.
  3. Voice - Teams where people can contribute ideas openly are more innovative, more creative, and higher-performing. Toxic behavior is less likely to be tolerated on these teams and people are more likely to feel motivated and engaged. The importance of voice and the factors that can undermine voice are outlined.
  4. Growth - When managers have a growth mindset, they're less likely to be influenced by bias. When teams have a growth mindset, people are more open, collaborative, and trusting. And when companies have a growth mindset, they're more attractive and appealing to a diverse pool of candidates. Tools to foster a growth-mindset culture as a leader are shared and discussed.

Beginning in January 2020, an e-learning version of Leading Inclusively will be available to all Intuit employees and contractors. 


Within a 3 month period since the official program launch in May 2019, there have been 32 workshops led across 13 Intuit sites globally with a NPS of 72. A total of 531 managers have completed Leading Inclusively within the same time period.


Mohit Jiwnani

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