Leadership Rotation Program


Every year Equilar recruits a class of diverse Research Analysts comprising of undergraduates and others just starting off in their careers. We recognized that these skilled individuals required mentoring and training to develop their leadership skills as well as exposure to other areas of the company to help facilitate their career development.


Since each class of Research Analysts is so diverse, we wanted to make sure each individual had the opportunity to grow in a specific field of interest, especially taking on leadership positions. The Leadership Rotation Program allows Research Analysts to devote half their time in a field or department within Equilar of their choice outside of their regular research department. The 3-month program provides younger workers exposure to other areas of business and gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and develop leadership qualities. This helps them prepare for a new role outside of research and one that may help them develop into future leaders of Equilar or elsewhere.

The Leadership Rotation Program is open to all first year Research Analysts who have completed at least one full year at Equilar. The goal is to transition those Research Analysts who are ready to new roles within Equilar as early as their second year into their tenure as Research Analysts.


Equilar initiated the Leadership Rotation Program almost 10 years ago and since then numerous young and diverse employees have utilized the program to transition into leadership roles within Equilar and other prominent companies. Among the success stories, many women and minorities have taken on management roles in product and marketing.


Steve Chang


I am proud to join the CEO Action for Inclusion and take on the pledge to promote diversity and inclusion. There is so much more we can all do to promote diversity from the boardroom and executive suite all the way down the corporate chain. It is our responsibility to set forth the actions needed to bring about change and I firmly believe being a part of this mission is a giant step in the right direction.

David Chun
CEO, Equilar, Inc.
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