Leadership, Mentoring and Sponsorship, and Inclusion Education and Training at Numly


NumlyTM has a fast-growing remote employee base, distributed geographically across the world. Some of the remote teams did not have the best of environment/resources and often times were forced to share noisy coworking rooms which impacted their listening, hearing, and knowledge sharing. Also, with geographically dispersed teams, unconscious bias had crept into NumlyTM’s recruiting and talent management processes.

  • To counter shortage of collaboration and meeting aids, high quality headsets were shipped and provided to the remote teams. People with hearing impairment now feel more included in ideation and innovation processes.
  • Flexibility of meetings and timings were implemented, allowing team members to be happier and more excited to work.
  • Personal 1:1 with the CEO, conducted every 2 weeks, to ensure everyone practices the culture of inclusion and to address any non-collaborative or non-inclusive behaviors in a timely manner.
  • Conscious decision taken to develop diverse Board of Advisors, promoting the culture of inclusion and respect for everyone.
  • Numly is LIVE today in Nigeria helping Women in Underprivileged Groups to learn key business skills.
  • NumlyTM is also working with organizations that educate and support Neurodiverse individuals to help integrate them into the workplace.

NumlyTM’s geographically dispersed teams have been thriving, with members growing 10-fold in the past year. Overall absenteeism rates have been at their lowest.

Team members across geographies are now working in close collaboration. NumlyTM‘s bottom up culture promotes a general sense of easy approachability across teams and a strong feeling of belonging within the company.


Madhukar Govindaraju


At NumlyTM, it is our mission to help companies foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusivity. Though typically, we view diversity as a representation of fairness and protection to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, I recognize and appreciate that Millennials define Diversity and Inclusion differently. Millennials believe in Cognitive Diversity, a blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team. Through the core values of our company, it is our endeavour to also support Women, Millennials and Neurodiverse individuals and to develop collaborative work environments that drive a positive impact on businesses.

Madhukar Govindaraju
CEO, Numly
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