Launched Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


In 2019, we recognized that our informal D&I activites were not fully reflective of our company values, culture and commitment to enhancing the lives of patients. We set out to create a locally relevant, and globally connected, D&I strategy that would cultivate an inclusive, innovative and engaging work environment; attract, develop and retain diverse talent; and enhance our ability to interact with diverse customers, suppliers, partners and communities.



  • Cast a vision fot D&I that emphasized a strong commitment from senior leadership focused on making our culture more inclusive.
  • Activated an executive council to advance the global D&I strategy, identify and address emerging issues, and campion initiatives across the organization.
  • Mobilized a tactical HR council to develop and execute the framework for global associate engagement.


  • Launched the company's first ERG, Athena Alliance, focused on gender diversity.
  • Convened multiple CEO listening sessions to better understand associate perspectives on diversity and prioritize focus areas.
  • Empowered site champions at all Integer locations to drive D&l in locally relevant ways.


  • Added a senior leadership role solely focused on driving inclusion and diversity.
  • Updated company values to incorporate inclusion as a core value.

While Integer is still early on in its D&l journey, a strong foundation has been set. Notably, 100% of our executive team engaged in active leadership of a D&l initiative or program. Our councils, site champions and ERGs draw membership from all levels and locations withm our global organization, and two additional ERGs are preparing to launch in 2021.


Misty Tippen, Sr. Director Diversity & Inclusion


An inclusive Integer enables each one of our global associates to bring their full selves to work. Innovation is born from diversity of thought. The customers and patients who depend on our life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enhancing technologies expect us to continuously innovate, and we do that best when all of us feel comfortable freely sharing our uniue perspectives and values.

Joe Dziedzic
CEO, Integer Holdings
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