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Launch Employee Resource Group Network


AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah (AAA NCNU) strives to build a workforce that reflects its Members and to create a workplace that is inclusive of all Team Members. To support this commitment, AAA NCNU established employee resource groups.


Since launching in 2018, AAA NCNU Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have grown from two to 10 groups. The ERG network supports AAA NCNU’s DEI strategy, encourages career advancement, and allows Team Members to expand their social networks within the organization.


Outcomes: Today, one in five of our Team Members is a member of one or more of the following ERGs:

  • ASCEND - Supporting Team Members in the AAPI community
  • DAWN - Providing education, resources, and support for mental health, wellbeing and Team Members with different ability statuses
  • EVOLVE - Inspires critical thinking and innovation
  • EXCEL - Advocates for the personal and professional enrichment of African American and African ancestry Team Members
  • Parents@AAA - Supporting the diverse types of caregivers and families at AAA
  • PRIDE - Supporting our LGBTQ+ Team Members and Allies
  • Sustain@AAA - Promotes sustainable and environmentally conscious practices
  • Unidos - Supporting Hispanic and Latinx Team Members
  • Valor - Representing veterans and active members of the military
  • Women.Empower - Advocates for gender parity and women's empowerment

When we embrace and support all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, we create a culture where diversity is celebrated and collaboration is encouraged. This leads to more meaningful discussions that can result in better business decisions. 

Tim Condon
President and CEO
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