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In 2015, when we looked at gender parity through the lens of recruitment, retention and advancement, we noticed the number of women at the manager and principal level did not appropriately represent the gender diversity of the firm as a whole - a common challenge in the accounting profession. As a firm, we want to foster a diverse and inclusive culture that enables all of our employees to thrive throughout their careers.


Kaufman Rossin's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative was started in 2015 with three committees: 

  • Kaufman Rossin Empowering Women (KREW)
  • Resources for Advancement
  • Integrating Life

With a focus on women's leadership and development, KREW has led the way in delivering programming and training designed to share information, hone skills, build rewarding professional relationships, and provide the resources and opportunities that women across the firm need to excel.

KREW programming has included: 

  • "KR Women Share Their Stories," a panel discussion where firm women share their journeys and tips for success
  • "Conversations with KREW," a forum for firm women to discuss workplace and work-life challenges
  • Public speaking training
  • Speed networking

In addition, Kaufman Rossin has taken a public stand on equal pay for men and women and has encouraged other businesses to do the same. 


In 2019, Kaufman Rossin was recognized for our work with The Women's Fund on the Equal Pay Miami-Dade Campaign. In addition, we have garnered awards for women's leadership, including Principal Janet Altman's "In the Company of Women" award in 2019 and Principal Tanya Ferreiro's recognition as one of the "Most Influential Business Women" in 2017. Finally, we were proud to promote three more women to principal in 2019, Maria Toledo, Melinda Mergelsberg and Terri Richards, as well as appoint Principal Meredith Tucker to lead one of our largest service lines, Entrepreneurial Services. 


Joy Batteen
[email protected]


Our focus on diversity and inclusion ties directly to two of our core values: integrity and fairness. Creating an environment where diverse perspectives are shared and all employees have the ability to thrive enriches our firm culture and enables us to provide a better experience, not only for our employees, but also for our clients.

Blain Heckaman
CEO, Kaufman Rossin
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