We recognized that while we implemented several D&I programs, our efforts sometimes ended up feeling top-down or HR-led instead of employee-inspired.


We designed an internal campaign called Limeade Kaleidoscope to inspire employees to be a part of the solution. The overall goal of Kaleidoscope was to increase energy and commitment to making Limeade an inclusive place to work. The long-term goal is for employees to develop inclusive habits and foster an inclusive workplace.

We created a variety of assets to make Kaleidoscope pervasive for all employees to ensure that employees across the globe were a part of movement. The assets were designed to teach people about the inclusion and how to build inclusive habits (sample assets detailed below).

  • Table tents in meeting rooms with tips for running inclusive meetings. This was key for our global workforce that's spread across time zones and borders.
  • Tip sheets on everyone's desk or home office about "10 Ways to Be Inclusive Today."
  • A new #bekaleidoscopic hashtag for employees to use on our internal social feed to celebrate employees living out inclusion. The hashtag was aligned to the intentional strategy of making these efforts omnipresent for our employees, since the social feed is used daily regardless of time zones and is an important uniting factor.
  • Each remote employee also received a package in the mail on the launch day with the physical assets to ensure they were also included in the fun and excitement. 

Using our internal Limeade Inclusion Index, we set a benchmark prior to the campaign and then measured again 1 month after launch. The Index is an aggregate score that represents how employees rate various aspects of inclusion - i.e. belonging, access to resources, etc. Prior to launch, our Inclusion Index was 74%. After the launch of Kaleidoscope, our inclusion score rose to 82%.


Lauren Ferguson


It's been personally humbling to evaluate my own social conditioning, and how my words, actions and inactions might affect others. It's an exercise every leader should go through. It takes courage, but it's worth facing. The upside is how fun it is to see human interactions, systems and culture in a whole new light. Almost with a new set of eyes. And now that we're seeing differently, we know it's totally possible to build a truly inclusive workforce.

Henry Albrecht
CEO, Limeade
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