Just Like That, Life Changed. Westfield’s Response to COVID-19


And just like that, life changed. At Westfield, caring for our customers and communities never will.


At Westfield, our giving strategy supports our customers, employees, agents and their communities in ways that complement the service our industry provides every day. This support of disaster recovery and family stability is expressed in a variety of ways, but it all rolls up to our desire to help people return to the stability and security they felt before COVID-19.

  • When schools were first cancelled and paychecks lost, we donated $80,000 to nonprofits on the front lines addressing increased basic needs, such as food.
  • Increased our annual giving budget by over $500,000 to support food insecurity across the U.S., a major obstacle in restoring stability.
  • Westfield launched two new programs for employees:
    • Matched employee donations, up to $50, to their local food banks and United Ways.
    • Provided hardship grants to employees who lost household incomes or had increased expenses as a result of COVID-19.
  • Redirected our giving to help nonprofits recover from lost fundraisers, unanticipated work from home expenses and increased client needs, this includes an annual program in partnership with 60 of our top agencies across the country.
  • Although our volunteer efforts were halted and sponsored events were cancelled, we made all planned donations regardless of our ability to support them in person. Knowing our employees have a propensity to give back and help, we focused efforts to celebrate and motivate our employees to give back on their own by donating blood, sewing masks and writing letters to nursing home residents.

Additional Information: https://www.westfieldinsurance.com/helping-customers-and-community


Knowing it’s a long road to fully recover, Westfield provides funding with an emphasis on the long-term to help families and communities rebuild and regain normalcy.  


Katie Archer
[email protected]

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