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Juneteenth - A Celebration of Freedom


To reject racism and inequality in our society today, we must take an honest look at our past—no matter how uncomfortable it makes us. Our Diversity & Inclusion Council continues to create opportunities for education and candid conversation within Brown Smith Wallace. Today, we commemorate Juneteenth to learn about our history and take steps toward creating an equitable future for all. We created the following educational presentation and encouraged our employees to watch and learn why it’s a significant event in American history:

Brown Smith Wallace: A Celebration and Appreciation of Juneteenth

I have always found American History fascinating. The story is not always great, but the facts are real and continuously provide me greater insight to the world today. We will continue to do what we can to recognize injustice and work together to create an inclusive and equitable society that rejects racism and all it stands for. Providing continuing education and encouraging dialog on this important topic will be critical to our success.

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The history and significance of Juneteenth is a prime example of how our Diversity and Inclusion Council challenges us to continue learning and growing as individuals. Human Resources and Practice Growth leadership produced this training to provide the Brown Smith Wallace Family the opportunity to do just that!

Tony Caleca
Managing Partner
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