Intuit Again (Returnship) Program


Research shows that between 40-60% of women take time off at some point during their career for caregiving purposes. Depending on the length of time taken, re-entering the workforce can be very difficult for a number of reasons including lack of confidence and changing technology. This is even more challenging for women within the tech world. As a result, many tech women don't return to their previous roles.


To bridge the gap between hiring managers and tech employees returning to work, the Intuit Again (Returnship) Program was introduced in India in 2015 and expanded to the US in 2018. This initiative provides a supportive onramp for workers returning to the workforce and an innovative way for hiring managers to find top talent in new and unconventional places.

The Intuit Again (Returnship) Program is a 6 month program in India/ 4-month program in the U.S. focused on technology roles. Candidates apply through dedicated websites (India:; US: and go through a formal interview process. The candidates accepted to the program are fully supp01ted with one-on-one mentoring, development workshops, an onboarding bootcamp, meaningful work on projects that make a real impact, and a supp01tive community of Intuit Again program management team, returnees and leaders.

The program in India offers one cohort a year with the intent to convert the candidates to either a contract or full-time position. The program in the US offers two cohorts per year with the intent to convert the candidates to a full-time position.


Since the program was introduced in India in 2015, there have been 5 successful cohorts with over 40 tech women participating and 75% converting to full-time technical roles.

The US program, although only launching in 2018, has had 3 successful cohorts with an 80% conversion rate to full-time technical roles.


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