Inspire and Alternative Work Arrangements


In public accounting, women currently make up 52% of entry-level positions nationally, but only 20% make it to the partnership level. At times during an employee’s career, it may also become necessary or desirable to seek a more flexible work arrangement which can cause turnover or stagnation.


Weaver launched Inspire in 2005 as a career development initiative designed not only to enhance recruitment and retention efforts, but also to advance the careers of our female professionals. However, we recognize that all employees face challenges with work-life integration. The program supports the needs of all of our employees, both men and women, by supporting professional development, networking opportunities, and work-life integration. 

Weaver also adopted an Alternative Work Arrangement Policy in order to strike a balance between the financial concerns of the firm, demands and expectations from clients, and needs and goals of our employees. Alternative work arrangement requests can include flextime schedules, teleworking, compressed work weeks, or reduced hours.


Weaver currently has 21 female Partners and 53% of women account for the total workforce. Since it was launched, Inspire has hosted an annual Women’s summit, sent quarterly firm wide messages, and organized various team-building activities. Weaver’s Alternative Work Arrangement policy has increased productivity and performance by providing flexibility for employees to meet both personal and professional obligations. Both initiatives have improved employee’s morale, engagement, and commitment to the firm and our clients.


Michelle Svitek


At Weaver, we’re passionate about providing our talented employees the tools they need to succeed. We believe these programs enable the firm to maintain our high standards and accommodate the demands and responsibilities of our employee’s personal lives, while still providing an enhanced experience to our clients and team members.

John Mackel
Managing Partner and CEO
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